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Hlengiwe, 20s

As someone who never saw the value in coaching, I have learnt that when we change how we look at something, the thing that we look at also changes, and that’s what happened to how I viewed coaching and therapy.

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I have had the honour of witnessing the beautiful progression of self-discovery, and the honour of people opening up the most intimate parts of themselves to me. Because of this, I was able to engage in deep work with each one to transform lives. May the message reach millions across the world.

Reece, 20s

I was first introduced to Thato during our initial graduate summit In February. The initial feeling I experienced throughout our first interaction was that of scepticism. I was not fully prepared to embrace the concept of 'coaching' in general as I was never someone who examined intrinsically. The concept of doing this type of self reflection, in the presence of another person, was a daunting prospect to say the least. However, after our initial coaching session had ended and the rest of my syndicate left the room, I sat and had a private conversation with Thato regarding my ambitions to study further abroad. It was at this moment I began to realize the valuable insight that Thato possess through her past experiences as a coach. After the aforementioned conversation, I began to consciously remind myself to embrace the possibility of opening myself up for the lessons that may come in the future. This mind-set served me well during our first ono-on-one meeting at the (*) offices. This meeting yielded a surprising result for me personally as I began to consciously examine my own perceptions regarding my interactions with others. Thato helped me gain a valuable insight how my actions might be perceived by those around me. Gaining a conscious awareness of this has In-turn helped both my professional and personal life. The ability to consciously empathise with those around me has helped me gain a better understanding and appreciation for the various relationships in my life. Following this meeting, Thato then facilitated a group session with the entire syndicate. The Importance of this session cannot be over emphasized. Through her one-on-one sessions with the entire syndicate, Thato identified a fundamental shortcoming in our group dynamic and structure. Up until that point, our syndicate was quite directionless and our productivity was misaligned with our ambitions as a group. Thato identified the key roles that needed to be put in-place for us to succeed as a group.

Personally, my coaching journey thus far has yielded a surprising result for myself. Through the sessions with Thato, my personal brand has developed in a way that has allowed me to realize my strengths and weaknesses definitively. I understand more about my journey to this point in my life than I ever have before. Prior to the sessions with Thato, most of my days would ultimately result in a feeling of uncertainty in both my abilities and personality. Thato has shown me that my journey is not dependent on those around me anymore. I have gained the ability to discern between what makes me happy and what makes those around me happy. I now strive to achieve an overall balance between the two forms of happiness. I have learnt to embrace the fear that comes with taking on new experiences and chasing one's dreams.As such, I cannot express the full scale of Thato's guidance in one testimonial. The Impact of the sessions thus far has opened up a new avenue to my career that I had previously only dreamed of. I now realize and understand my personal ambitions and brand more clearly than ever.

MPHO, 20s​

My biggest take away from the coaching sessions is that I am worth it, I deserve it, I belong and I am capable of so much more. You helped me navigate my childhood which lead to me having a much better understanding of why I do certain things or why I feel the way I do. You made me realize that putting myself first doesn’t make me a selfish person but it puts me in a much better position to help others. I’m sure looking back from our first session to today, you can see the growth because I feel it. I am more confident, not only in my personal life but also in my career and where I am headed. I Know what I want, who I want to become and how to achieve it. I am ready to take on the world and share all this awesomeness, no more settling for second place because I now know that I am first place worthy. I also just started therapy thanks to the experience I had with YOU.

Mokganyetji, 30s

Firstly, what stood out from our interaction is the fact that up until that point, I had not clearly defined what it is that I really wanted, especially in my career. Sometimes things went well but other times not so well. But then I began to realise that I can choose what I want and not only that but whatever it is that I want I can start taking deliberate steps to achieving it. What I have just said sounds like anybody can get it from a book or a song which is true but it takes a lot for a person to say to themselves "stop!", "what am I doing and why?", "what am I becoming, as I continue on this path?" and I think my interaction with Thato helped me to get to these very important questions. Secondly, after having asked myself tons of questions, I needed to settle down and ask myself what it is that I wanted from my career. My career progression was the main reason I approached Thato. At that point, I had not painted a clear picture of the direction I would like my career to take , and my excuse at the time was that I was busy trying to finish my board exams, but this excuse was running out because I was nearing completion of my exams. What stood out for me was that Thato's approached was to define my career goals from a perspective of identifying the person I would like to become in relation to my career, because then I became clearly identified in this journey as the driver who has the ability to change the current course. I found this to be quite powerful and empowering to me to take control of my career. In summary, within our first couple of sessions, I took a job in the area of my profession which I had always been afraid to venture into

RAY, 30s​

Having known Thato over the last 6 months, she is not quick to prescribe. In fact I have found her approach to let her clients walk the journey of self-discovering very empowering. At a time I harboured self-inhibiting mind-set and attitude I found Thato to be a rare source of wisdom. She has a keen sense of relating with. For me Thato’s coaching is unique in that it is evident that she is helping her client on a journey she has herself walked. That heightens the experience. Working with Thato is such a relief where there is no expectation, other than for me to be myself, to Thato’s credit. I would recommend anyone serious to experience change to engage Thato."

Loyi, 20s

Most would say it is out of character for a person like me to be in need to a life coach. I was raised in an extremely privileged upbringing and presented opportunities that most people can only dream of. My response to those who say that would be "you obviously don't understand life coaching, or (more importantly) the value that someone like Thato Choma can add to your existence. I met miss Choma exactly a year ago in a period on my life that is best described through the words of a famous quote. "I was not lost, for to be lost one must know where one is supposed to be and I was not even sure of that.” Yes, at face value I had everything, all the perfect ingredients that goes into a young lady on the brink of success but still I felt direction less. Which brings me back to my point about life coaching and why in my very humble opinion everyone needs one. What Thato offers her clients is not material, and its very seldom idealistic. It’s something that resonates so much deeper than that. Miss Choma offers the priceless service of life direction. The ability to connect with ones inner most self and retrieve a map to inner peace. She takes her duties a step further by then leading the horse to the water and all but forcing it to drink. I expect that this is the point that I am expected to list all the things I have gained from sessions with Thato, and once again I want to make it clear that with this expectation one misses the point completely. My session with Thato have brought me an inner stillness that I was not even sure was possible. Am I where I want to be in life, no I am not but if I where it wouldn't be called life coaching. I look forward to many years of miss Choma guiding me through this mind field in a manner that only she knows how. With the help of Thato the navigation may not be smooth (life never is, coach or not) but at least I have enough faith in myself. (Loyi resigned from multi-media production and made the decision to study further in the field of law.)

Hlengiwe, 20s

As someone who never saw the value in coaching, I have learnt that when we change how we look at something, the thing that we look at also changes, and that’s what happened to how I viewed coaching and therapy.

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