Coaching programs for early-to-mid Career Professionals
0-4 years career experience

Companies that invest in their people ALWAYS win. The strength of any organisation is in the quality of the talent pool. The quality of talent is about how self-aware people are in order to lead authentic careers and lives as a whole. Each willing individual taking a deliberate action to continually improve themselves is a win for the organisation . Corporates use this service in order to provide added support to graduates entering the formal work sector for the first time. In this course we work on self-leadership, self-awareness & developing professional fitness, and how they can lead from their position. 


Coaching for The Authentic Entrepreneur
2-4 years in business

Very often, problems in the business are a reflection of personal beliefs, therefore addressing these can impact the business in a powerful, meaningful and progressive way. 


The content of this service is centred around remaining authentic, meaningful & in touch with self, which helps the entrepreneur be in better touch with the needs of the industry, and keep up with the demands. 


This course takes branding to a level deeper than aesthetics, refining the WHY of the entrepreneur and of the business. 


Coaching for restoration, alignment & accountability

Though life, experiences, the knowledge of our greatness and uniqueness disappears & is forgotten. Through one-on-one time, we work to restore the memory of who you really are. Ultimately, I am working with people  to help restore the quality of life that you were intended to live, that means restoring you to your original condition of greatness.


Coaching is also useful for alignment, accountability, building new habits & building confidence. This is the support given to any individual that has a desire to keep working on personal restoration. We work together to support your life's ambitions. The service incorporates a high-level of customisation to define & support your specific desires. 



Is The Beautiful Practise resonating with you or your organisation? Do you have an interesting idea that involves educating people on self-esteem? If yes, contact us about your ideas.

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