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The Search For Meaning

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

"The most urgent and persistent question is: What are you doing for others?" - Martin Luther King Jr. Be lead by purpose, not productivity.

This month is about a regroup and recollection of self. Are you in alignment with who you are and what you understand your purpose/s to be?

It really is easy to get lost under the guise of productivity, doing and even helping others. Some people escape their responsibilities through over assisting in other people's lives because they are too afraid to pick up the pieces of their own lives and answer the true call and responsibility. It often looks and sounds noble, however it is not- not when it borders and enters self neglect and the neglect of the solutions launched into this world through you. It may work for a short while but it is not your legacy these efforts often end at your death. Purpose transcends death.

Selfishness is an inquiry to a selfless path.

I recently asked the question: "How am I being empowered in this situation?" I felt forgotten. And I did forget - I forgot about myself. This question came up after sustained feelings of dissatisfaction, a disrupted sense of self and life felt super unfair. I started to look selfishly at the situation. These were the flags that I was out of alignment with self and my path because it sounds like entitlement at first; however when I looked closely and began to see clearly, the feelings grew because this is what living and doing out of your element produces: Feeling like you're going nowhere! This leads to blame, and looking to others for empowerment and happiness, when actually, the question and the matter is for self to address. Therefore, the most urgent and persistent question synonymous to the above is: What are you doing for yourself? It really all starts within. When the true answer has landed, you will realise that what you do for others is innately what you do for yourself, they are inseparable.

Be careful that being productive doesn't replace being purposeful

Productivity is defined as the rate of output in proportion to the rate of input. When your input exceeds your output, i.e you're putting in way more and getting out way less, you start to have internal conflict that goes something like; "What's the point?" "Somethings not adding up!" "Somethings gotta give!" It's time to answer the question: What is my purpose? With Purpose and being, input is naturally less, and the output exceeds input purely from being in alignment with yourself. This is the reward of ease with self and acceptance of self and life's call.

Just because you can do it, doesn't mean you must do it!

In the world we live in, our value and worth is predominantly measured by how much we can produce i.e. This is why people can grow to feel empty and grow a tired soul even after years of outward "success". The distinction is this: People often feel they need to be productive to attain purpose. However, being purposeful automatically yields results that actually requires less human effort, because it is actually more aligned to your being. This is why "they make it look so easy" is a phrase applied to the performance of a famous athlete, public speaker or performer. It is the natural state of being, purpose that becomes produce.

Stay the course of purpose. The journey is simpler and life is less complicated when you stick to your lane!

With love,


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