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Know For Sure. What's Genius? Knowing when you don't know, and you ask.

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Often, when we are experiencing indecisiveness, or don't know what the next step is to take, and how to get from here to your desired there, it is often a knowledge gap - there is something you don't know, i.e. something you are unaware of. This is good news, because you know that there is something you don't know. Better than not even knowing that you don't know. Not knowing also often means that you are looking at the situation without a fuller/bigger picture or perspective than what you currently hold. Last month I briefly spoke about being comfortable with not knowing. When you admit that you don't know, the answer can get to you quicker because your ego has been cleared in order for your soul to receive the truth.

For this month, I have selected 3 books that have demonstrated timeless truths, sparking new ways of thinking within me, literally changing my life, helping me to building healthier concepts of self and others. I also selected these books because you can listen to them on YOUTUBE for FREE! However buy a hardcopy and keep it. They truly has a life of its own.

A good book is one that meets anybody at any level, and evolves in meaning as life happens and as we evolve. As long as you pick up the book, or even hear about it, you are ready for it. Here is a list of books that I highly recommend, and have turned to for guidance on life as a whole. Here is a commentary on the books.


It feels so amis to write such a short commentary on such a revolutionary book, however it will unfold. I will write about the living theme in my life at the moment, which is the concept of forgiveness. In all the books I have read and the spiritual approaches, and religions I have come to know about, this is a constant reiterated lesson for life. There is nothing more inseparable from living an abundant life. If you are struggling with forgiveness, simply be willing to forgive as a first step. And let the next actions unfold naturally from your gentle state of being. When we understand that people act from the level of awareness, we can be more willing to forgive. Therefore, there are three levels of forgiveness: I forgive you, I forgive myself, and there is nothing to forgive. The book also demonstrates how LOVE is the only real thing, and that life is about restoration to perfection, which is our natural state of being. The book also encourages us to see that where fear prevails, disease also prevails because we are operating from fear. Listen here.


The premise of this book assumes a few principles for healing your life. Some of them include the following: Our fundamental flaw is that we think we are simply not good enough and we operate from this, and make all our decisions on the basis of a lie. This is where we start to create lives that will then reflect this, and every following disempowering thoughts. Like a medical prescription, one of the prescriptions in the book, is to tell yourself "I love and accept myself" 400 times in one day, and repeat eternally. I turned to this book often when physical effort no longer worked, and it seemed like the more I did/performed, the less effective I was. I wanted ease. I wanted things to happen without too much of human interference, but simply alignment with who I was. I literally thought to myself, "I deserve for things to fall into my lap". I have done enough by now. I remember a few years ago house sitting for a friend, and I was so tired from meaningless effort. I just decided to sit, and love and accept myself for the day, despite the fact that everything looked like it was going to fall apart. I was literally in my pyjamas all day, plus I was low key thinking about how I am going to get the tickets to the Global Citizen Festival with Beyonce and Jay-Z as the headlines. With so much chat and panic online about getting the tickets, I consciously decided that I would not participate in this lining up, queuing at CompuTicket or sitting on my laptop with fast fingers to add to cart. It just felt too ridiculous and desperate. I was also comfortable with the idea of not being able to go, however it was a dream. I literally told myself and declared "I am not going to struggle for this ticket, but I sure will get this ticket." Later that day, my sister called me to share with me that she got us golden circle tickets to the concert! Sometimes, it really is the best work to just sit back and love on yourself. What does that have to do with healing your life? That we attach our value so much to performance, we forget that there are so many things that happen for us for free, and we miss it while we are "in action". The sun shines for free. And you can always count on it. That alone is a blessing, and it exists to support your existence. Listen Here


The universe supports your YES! After years of hearing about this book, I finally read it in 2019. I was in the process of immigrating to Shanghai, China. I hadn't told anybody because I didn't want anyone to interfere with my decision. The book really convinced me that if I didn't do it, I would always have a question mark over my head. It convinced me that I absolutely had to follow my heart even if things didn't add up immediately. I also learned that just because there are some "unfortunate events" that happen along the way, it is not a sign to stop. It is a redirection, it is a lesson, and therefore it still is in support of your personal mission in life. What ever dream you have, it is supported, and we need to pay attention to every piece of resourcing that God and the universe has been placed before us to support our dreams. Trust in your dream. The Alchemist also teaches us to respect the decisions that we take in pursuit of our dreams. That even when things take a turn, understand that it is part of the process. Your task as the carrier of the dream, is to carry it through and glide on the guidance of all incidents. There is support for you, provided you are prepared to take the necessary steps to meet all the fortune along the way. Let things happen and trust the process. LISTEN HERE

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