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One of the most beautiful things you can do for the planet is to be responsible. Taking responsibility is the basic premise of love and care. Responsibility is about having the ability to respond to a particular situation, with your highest form, your highest rights as a human being and that is to exist and occupy yourself completely.

Responsibilities can only truly only be met on the condition that every moment is attended to fully and completely with your presence, that is why it is first about being, before doing (taking). Take responsibility for your inner being, each moment in time, connect with it, be here and now. In attending to the moment and yourself fully, you are responsible: i.e., Able to respond.

The concept of taking responsibility can be overwhelming, and it is often equated with stress: Sometimes we play dodge ball with our responsibilities and don’t want to receive the truth, and thus depression and disease is created. Or we want to take responsibility for things we are not ready or equipped for, and then end up creating more responsibilities we didn’t want or plan for. Sometimes we prefer other people’s responsibilities over our own because we don’t believe that we are capable and good enough. Sometimes we shrink our ability to respond and then make excuses such as, “at least I am doing something”. Sometimes we overload responsibilities with other people’s responsibilities and experience burn out, resentment and even lethal situations, and in the process, we give other people a way for not taking responsibility for their own lives. Sometimes one can take unnecessary responsibility to keep pleasing others to have the approval of others. The common trend here is that people want to take responsibility ahead of being, which is why the emphasis is on be.

Responsibility is not equal to stress; it is stressful because you take what is not yours because it satisfies the ego. All responsibilities are gifts. Will you take care of it, will you be a good steward of what you have? Will you apply wisely the freedom of choice to the kind of attitude you adopt for any life situation, especially the ones we don’t like, didn’t plan, or don’t want? Will you take responsibility for you?

The results I experience in the practice of being responsible include fortifying my backbone AND I achieving kindness and assertiveness simultaneously, because I don’t have to lean on the manipulation of niceness to make up for the fact that I am not taking real responsibility. My negotiation skills improved, because the awareness of my worth, and the context in which I operate in became clearer. I have a better sense of my talents and have a better sense of how much it takes to live in time, money, and energy. If you have no ability to respond, why should you have time, money, and energy? If responsibility is given to someone who is not aware, it will be a waste. Extending grace to others was more justified, which is fundamentally one of the key ingredients for any kind of success many are experiencing today. I forge better relationships because I respond with my highest form. This aligns to what your response ability is.

If I find here and Now unacceptable, I have three choices: 1- Change it. 2-Remove myself from the situation.

3-If the above is difficult to apply, try: Totally accepting it. That is taking responsibility for my life, and decision will set things in motion.

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