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The practice of honouring yourself is a celebration and appraisal of how much more authentic you have become. In pausing to honour this, you may also take a deeper commitment to move onwards and upwards from your current reality, and to ensure that you remain awake, alert, and aware in every phase, and so that regression doesn’t sneak up on you. Or have a living experience of only appreciating something only when and because it’s gone. Honouring your progress is the place where it is possible to be grateful, content and still want more.

Sometimes, when we focus on the things that we don’t have (yet) we lose sight of what we currently do have and all the things we have achieved, who we have become, how much better we handle relationships that are/were difficult, how much better we show up in the world. How often do you stop to acknowledge how courageous you have been in initiating a difficult conversation? Or you continued to advocate for love even after you’ve experienced unimaginable hurt. Do you stop to look around you to notice that you are living in a moment that you prayed for, longed for? Do you realise that you may have even forgotten what “they did to you”, and somehow manage to create boundaries that foster a healthy relationship? You need to pause and take stock of your progress.

I remember having a nightmare relationship with food through my childhood, teens, and early twenties. It was 2 decades of obsessive behaviours over food that consumed my every waking moment: Counting, cutting, quitting. Repeat. It’s a few years of living free from the grips of a crippling food-compulsive disease and that was possible because I also stopped to admit that “I am struggling, I need help, I don’t know what to do.” This is part of taking responsibility: Meet yourself where you are at. After this admission, my prayers were honest. It started off desperate and elementary: “I want to eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full.” Through each admission and no matter how primitive and basic it seems now, each stage was necessary. From a crawling prayer to a standing, walking, affirmative prayer: “Every cell in my body serves me”. Honouring a dream come true is not just a once-off acknowledgement, it’s taking daily action and commitments to keep evolving and honouring what-ever stage you’re in based on prayer, of which is fundamentally thanksgiving, further surrender to growth and sensitising ourselves to hear from our consciousness, our intuition, God, and the Holy Spirit.

One of the most difficult admissions for people is to admit that they are not happy. The admission “I don’t like my life” because, also means that you realise the poor decisions in certain aspects of your life that need attention. Being honest with yourself is one of the most loving things you can do for yourself and this is an inseparable quality of honour and a pre-requisite to lead the quality of life you deserve.

Is it going to be a linear, pristine, and perfect journey? No. Therefore it is called progress, not perfection. Have a fair appraisal of yourself, be kind, be grateful. We have already mastered criticism, try something else. As you land your year, look in the mirror and say: “Well done”. “Much better.” “Look at you!” “You made it”. “You did that!”. Look back only to see how far you’ve come, then focus on NOW, and recognize that this is where your power is. Maybe looking back still doesn't look good, in which case the progress would be to admit that. However, for us al, the power of now is even and fair to every one.

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