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In August, South Africa takes the time to observe the acts of approximately 20 000 women who marched to the parliamentary building of South Africa, The Union Buildings, to demand better. They were protesting against the extension of pass laws to women. The lesson I take from this is that power is not given, it is taken. It is quite important to disagree, and to do so out loud. When you stand up for your human and purpose rights, it requires a dissent, and it will always be inconvenient for the purpose who benefits from your voicelessness and agreeableness.

Over the many people I have coached over the years, the common observation is that somewhere along the line, they lost their voice in a brief moment of a traumatic or unpleasant incident, and it hasn't returned since. There are so many of these women today that have been silenced and have continued to silence themselves because they are convinced that what they have to say is unimportant, or the majority holds a similar view.

Standing up for what is right might require you to stand alone or in the minority for some time. In being the only one disagreeing out loud, there could be others amongst you that are yet to build up the courage to let their silent dissent become a loud and proud one that can change the world.

When I was in a business partnership, and it was clear that the vote would not stand with me, it was very important for me to still express my disagreement, and to express it confidently. When you know who you are, and what you stand for, this will not be difficult. Having people around you that think differently is important for progress. At some point in history, what was once legal was also inhumane, and today illegal. But it was the law because majority of the people who held a similar view were not enlightened or had not been exposed to more information and different perspectives.

Your courage to stand alone out loud encourages the next person to disagree, dissent or walk away from an arrangement that does not honour the power, beauty and magnificence of who you are.

Take your voice back, disagree, dissent, walk away and be heard. You can create change. Guard yourself jealously.

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