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There is something outstandingly beautiful about an opportunity: It will not miss You, if and when you are connected to your higher self. I am living in a time in my life of what dreams are made of. Everything I worked up in my imagination and spoke over years into my life is finally flesh. Currently, it's an ongoing tale of stars aligning, and teachings. The most beautiful thing about this encounter and blessing is this: I didn't have to perform for it. The opportunity and relationship just landed on my shoulder. BUT wait, I was in my garden, tending to it, and what I needed to do, was take care of my garden, and remember to pause and enjoy the beauty of the garden. For some of us, taking it easy does not come easy, and we consciously have to remind ourselves that we don't have to endure futile struggles and toil, because struggle breeds resistance, which can chase the butterfly away. Very often, we just have to be still and prepare for receiving.

Easy does it

Some of the best moments in my life have come in the least expected ways, at the most uneventful times. There were no fireworks, trumpets, nor suspense music. More like a dove landing peacefully in its place. Most recently, my partners and I won a bid for a company we went through a month of pursuit and vetting. One month is not a long time in business, but it was an important win for our newly formed partnership. After much anticipation, and getting up each morning to put in the work, and putting our backs into it all, we stopped. We had done absolutely all that we could. The follow up calls had to stop. The mental reruns of the emails had to stop. The re-thinking and panics of "Have we submitted everything?" had to stop. We simply had nothing left TO DO. If we DID ANYTHING MORE, it could be the undoing. I had to be disciplined about not doing, resist action and REST. As soon as we stopped shaking the water, the approval came through on a random Wednesday morning, just before 12 noon, while I was in my PJs, on a self-granted off day, indulging in a piece of KFC dunked wings - the most imperfect state by Hollywood movie standards. I was not sitting behind a desk in my office, with my face beat on, prepped and perky in my heals, with upbeat music in the background on a sunny day with blue skies, and walking around with green smoothie in -hand. I was in the least picture perfect moment, because at the bottom-line of it all on that day specifically, wearing heels and getting dressed for office would have been a performance, and insincere - totally misaligned to what was needed for the time. Stop chasing.

Being in alignment is primary, and irreplaceable

Doing when you are out of alignment with your purpose is the worst counter unproductive thing. For example, if your task, duty and call on earth is to run a bakery, but you're running an accounting firm, running an accounting firm is ineffective, and chances of success, longevity and leaving a legacy are nil. You will end up contributing to causes and tasks that are not your place to fulfil, and this will make you forgettable. It will be ineffective human effort that doesn't achieve much. In fact it can be quite obstructive to opportunities and relationships. This is what happens when you are busy, busy standing in your own way.

Let nature take its course

Nature remains one of the greatest teachers for me. It is not in a hurry, yet everything is accomplished. It is not forceful, it flows. It makes it an excellent commander of what we ought to do with our time and efforts. The simple observation of nature can be incredible for alignment, because that's what purposeful people, places and things are, they inspire us to simply be, by relying on our natural elements, the ones that we can contribute meaningfully to the world. In nature, we can rest in the comfort that there is a higher order in place, and that we can afford to rest. Isn't it beautiful that we can rest in the knowledge that whether I wake or not, the moon will still shine. Also, it is a wake up call, that whether you participate in life or not, the show must go on, and a wake up call is hardly convenient to our own pace. When it is time, it is time. To shine, you eventually must. The only thing that causes pain is resistance.

Rest and productivity are an eco system of each other

Remember, in both examples above, there was a lot of doing involved. However, we speak enough about doing, which is functional and important. We don't speak enough about BEING AND ALIGNMENT. The art of just being is powerful and can actually be the most productive thing we do with out time. Being and resting in who we are is about replenishing ourselves, from ourselves, by ourselves, and realising that we are important for the bigger picture of the universe, AND also acknowledging that even if I don't lift a finger tomorrow morning, the sun will still come up - thank God, thank the Universe. It's about gathering our strength from our inner most being that knows the way, so that when we act, we are acting and producing from a place of being, purpose, completely void of ego.

Let go of thinking

Did you ever wreck your brain overthinking something? I have, and it resulted in exactly that: A wreck. If it doesn't bring you peace, stop thinking about it by focusing on something that appreciates and needs your attention. It is that simple. The best forms of meditation that empties our minds include: Transcendental meditation. I have been practising this for 18 months now and it has sharpened my decision making and intuitive action. In the absence of the resource, you can try meditating to a meaningless sound, for example, sitting in a room, and paying attention to the air conditioning, or a sound that just has the least meaning for you.

Rest brings perspective. Don't be afraid to step away for a bit.

Legend has it that the a great philosopher and inventor of the 20th century was having a difficult time solving an equation and theory. He decided to take a bath, to soothe himself. A few moments later in his total state of relaxation, he jerked up out of the bath, stood in his nakedness and yelled out in joy; "I've got it!" Have you ever worked on a document for work, a presentation, numeracy, painting, puzzle or any form of work that requires intense attention, so much that you eventually stopped, because you grew tired or you were missing information. And after you stopped, turned away from the work and thereafter returned, and you noticed spelling mistakes, found a better way of saying or illustrating something, or came up with a completely ingenious concept? These are all game changing tweeks and adjustments, that were possible because you did one thing: You took a break.

Be okay with not knowing.

The wonderful thing about children is that they know they don't know, so they ask. Adults are in some kind of impression that we SHOULD know, and if we don't it is shameful. In the age of information, we can be so obsessed with not knowing all the answers AND knowing all the answers, with the two obsessions constantly replacing and morphing into one another. Be okay with meditating on a powerful question, because as soon as you welcome the discomfort of not knowing, the answer soon reveals itself, because very often, half the answer is in the powerful questions itself. History folktale says: Isaac Newton, the definer of gravity, was walking and he noticed an Apple fall from the tree. He asked himself the question: "Why did that Apple fall down? Why did it not fall sideways, or upwards?" A brilliant question can only come from a still mind, a mind that is okay with not knowing, welcomes all possibilities.


You can afford it.

With love,

Thato Choma

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