Music needs no introduction... FEEL. LISTEN. MOVE.

A quick note on this play list.

It is so important to remember that our natural state of being is good and it is natural to feel good. I was is an unpleasant funk sometime during the day, and it wasn't serving me and, well, music saved the day. It's a list of 3 songs, about 20 minutes spent just feeling good, grounding myself and focusing on words that are edifying. This can do a lot for your day & eventually your entire life.

The list description:

These songs are a reminder that I am an expression of the universe and that really, all is well. There is nothing that is out of place. I am well and I am loved. I am responsible for my happiness, and I am celebrated, I am blessed. All I have to do is join in the celebration of my being by focusing on this.

The list & my favourite lines from the listening session today:

As by George Michael & Mary J Blige. Did you know that true love asks for nothing? Her acceptance is the way we pay. This line confronts me every time because the most difficult thing to grasp is the volume of love that is so freely available for us, and how we miss it because we are focused on what we think we don't have.

Corner of the earth by Jamiroquai. Little darling Don't you see the sun is shining, just for you... If you hurry you can get a ray on you...

How grand to have the sun greet us each day & invite us to do life. Really. Think about that. And if you hurry, you can get a ray on you, and guess what? If I happen to miss it for what ever reason, I can catch it again tomorrow... and if I don't it's okay because I am part of creation and I can create.

You give me something by Jamiroquai. When I'm with you, I just celebrate

I'm hoping my message gets through... There's never been someone like you

This one energises the love that I have for myself the kind that I can only give myself. I am my first love. Is it not a kind of insult and disrespect to not like yourself after all the dedication, time, and love that was poured into creating you? I hope that when you look in the mirror, and when you're sitting on your own, you say to yourself, I like you. You know now, you're the one I truly know I dig. You have a little thing i'd love to keep.

The playlist is complied here:

With love,


Practise makes beautiful

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