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My Beautiful Challenge is about setting a challenge of your own rules that you will stick with for 21 days in succession!

The task is to dedicate the challenge and the days to something that puts you in a stretch zone, strengthens your mental dialogue, and creates a new experience for you while you are on that challenge and after you have completed the challenge. Sticking to your own rules increases your self-esteem and improves relationships with other people, all because whilst sticking to your own rules, you are reinforcing the integrity of who you are, and are likely operating from a place where you know what is best for you. It is important to set commitments to ourselves so that the consistency and completion of these tasks will encourage us to create bigger and better goals for ourself. 


The intention setting: Ensure that your intention is 100 percent about YOU, and is something that you

have 100% control over in thought and action. 

Think of an area of your life where you would like to manifest more growth and richness in, as it relates to self-discipline, shifting your internal dialogue to be true, and developing a productive perspective. If the thought or perspective is not helpful, it is probably not positive and maybe even untrue, which means you need to be very careful and specific about your choices in thoughts or words. This can be anything that you feel is hindering you from living fully & experiencing breakthrough.


Get clear on what you want & define what it is that you would like to realise in an area that runs deep into the souls desire, but includes the physical manifestation of what you want. Then define what it is that you need to do (and not do) in order to reinforce this intention. This is to sensatise you to your intuition by focusing less on what you physically see and maybe seemingly "losing out on", which currently does not currently & physically look like or feel like where you desire to be. 

There are a few examples of physical things you can do to remind yourself of who you are (mentally, emotionally & spiritually) for the 21 days. Specifics will only be suggested on joining and request.

A plan of eating

 Commit to a form of a plan of eating - This means trust yourself to create a plan of eating that you know, feel and trust will help you. How you go about this is completely your decision. The only specification is to create a structure, and to write it down daily, each and every morning and commit the plan of eating to yourself. This could include an itemised list of each thing that will be consumed each day, the times and also the amounts, whatever it is, write it down. Is it maybe commiting to only eat while you are seated? Maybe skip a meal or set aside hours of nil-per-mouth. This could also be about allowance. Should you stop counting everything you eat & reduce your compulsion in this way? WHATEVER!  The big part of this is sticking to it more than what is on it, AND evolving as your intuition directs you.

My body, my partner

Our bodies are our first partners, there through it all! In sickness, health, poor & rich in all aspect, through thick & thin, till death do part!Commit to a specific body movement/exercise regime in duration & frequency per week to embrace & thank your body for being your perfect partner, in sickness & in health, till death do you part. Similarly, if you feel you need to reduce to rest or reset, honour the request from your body. 

My mind is the main matter

Commit to meditation daily for a set duration daily to engage your mind. The mediation can take any form you choose, and you may include an affirmation if you want to. Meditating on what is good & pure strengthens you to restore your self to what I call "factory settings": Sound mind with and infinite pool of wisdom. You could also include visualisation, affirmatons - WHATEVER it is, honour the request from your intuition. 


Writing about your experience while you engage in #mybeautifulchallenge will increase self-awareness and lead to other spiritual gifts & sensitise you to specific, highly individualised instructions from your intuition that will guide the progression of your journey. Maybe you want to write a commitment for the day?

Share with others

Invite others to join you! Doing work of this magnitude is something very few people can do on their own. Joy shared is multiplied. Feelings of anxiety that are lose their power when they become useful in helping self and others self-introspect. 

Ask for help & help others

I am here to help you through the challenge, complimentary, and will share encouragement along the way to help you complete the journey and unlock your power daily. If you get others to join you, support them too in which ever way you can.


This is what will support the running of the challenge

The only pre-requisite to joining is your desire to see yourself go deeper into who you are and strengthen the integrity of who you are.

You can start the challenge anywhere between 6-30 May 2020, but no later than 1 June 2020. This allows for 2 cycles of 21 days for those who wish to join in during the course of the first cycle. It also gives room for you to prepare  or procure what you need to for your challenge. 

If there are any questions regarding the challenge or The Practise, ask directly to the coach via email. Details to be provided upon you joining. Check all email inboxes for the email with the next steps once you submit the form. If you don't receive it, let me know via the contact page on this website.

According to practise principles of privacy and confidentiality, all information coming from the coach is anonymously communicated and addressed, unless stated otherwise. Should an individual be named in any instance, permission in writing has been granted. It is at the participants own accord to share experiences of their own challenge and theirs only.

Upon asking for help from the coach, each instruction is specialised for each individual and may or may not be the same as another participant. If you ask for assistance from the coach, you will be required to carry out tasks that support the resolution of your difficulty.

Consult your physician, psychologist or any form of medical practitioner or therapist on your own accord & discretion.

Personal, informed and intuitive discretion is advised at all times during your participation.



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