2021 Beautiful Citizen mentor recruitment

We are looking for male & female leaders who are professionals and/or entrepreneurs to be part of the mentoring team for 2021.

Beautiful citizen mentorship program is a social initiative from the beautiful practise, which focuses on supporting & encouraging the youth of South Africa to ACTIVELY PURSUE THEIR DREAMS & TO BE POSITIVE, CONTRIBUTING citizens in their countries.

As a mentor you would need to:


Mentor a group of 3 sTudents in grade 11 or Matric on a monthly basis between March-October 2021


Be a positive influence & voice in their lives, in a way that supports their emotional, physical & mental health


Attend the mentor training upon selection


Attend 100% the workshops prescribed

A few years from now, when your children read about the current times in the HISTORY books, and they ask: "What did you do?"

What will you say?

Are you with us?


Applications close

25 February 2021, 00:00 CAT

(South Africa region only)