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Launching Leaders is a corporate coaching program aimed at developing, agile, inspired & innovative leaders. Programs are for graduates, young managers & executives.



Since 2015, we have spent thousands of hours developing over 700 people, where our focus is on assisting others to raise their consciousness, namely through elevating self-esteem, self-awareness and self-confidence. These three aspects work together in assisting people to have healthy concepts of themselves, believing in themselves and understanding who they are and how to be the best. Through this, identity is fortified, consciousness rises and people act, participate, transact and make other life choices more consciously and intentionally. This is how The Beautiful Practise contributes to the socio-economic development of South Africa - raising active citizens that are AWAKE, AWARE & ALERT to life. Are you with us?



We live in a nation with built up and building trauma's, and the band-aid is no longer sufficient for the depth of the wound. This trauma fundamentally includes the invalidation of our humanness and the right to be. Understanding how trauma affects our decisions today is important. And from that point, we believe that we can all take the next step through ownership, accountability and optimism; leaning on the formidable nature of the human spirit to overcome anything and transform, as long as the willingness is there. Most of the time, we simply have to give ourselves the permission to be great, and rise to the occasion of our life's purpose and function.


Corporate Care exists to remind you of your greatness. We want to support you in restoring the beautiful, healthy self-concept and dreams we all had as children to remain excellent, which is often masked underneath hurt, trauma and the scars of emotional injuries. To do this, we lead with wisdom that nurtures daring dreams, and create a space that is inspiring, supportive, playful, innovative, agile and intimate so that people can live authentically, and realise that all they really ever need to do, is to be themselves, which automatically honours others.


We look forward to more growth and partnering with more South Africans for co-creation at it's best.

Are you with us?


With Love,

Thato Choma
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