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Hlengiwe, 20s

As someone who never saw the value in coaching, I have learnt that when we change how we look at something, the thing that we look at also changes, and that’s what happened to how I viewed coaching and therapy.

Thato Choma

Thato Choma



As a consultant, Thato leverages a 10+ year multi-dimensional career, specialising in strategy, communications and training. International team experience includes working on strategy management and implementation in Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Dubai and in Shanghai. She was the director of an advertising firm for 6 years.

The concentrated industry experience is in health, mobile devices, banking and finance research, property development, education development, fast moving goods in retail and fashion, luxury brands, hospitality, entertainment marketing and personal branding.

Between 2016 and 2018 Thato volunteered with recovery programs for those suffering with addictions and other compulsive disorders. This experience allowed her to support and have a deeper understanding of people of different races, cultures, religion, professions, education; gender and sexual orientation; and historical, social and economic classification. This experience has also provided valuable insights on the management and healing of these diseases, and personal transformation.

Thato’s coaching style is based on developing greater self-awareness. This leads to accountability, emotional intelligence, and ability to be solution orientated, leading to results that are congruent with who they are and compatible with the organisation.


BCom, University of South Africa

Certified NLP Coach and Practitioner, Global Strengths (American Board of Neuro-Linguistics Programming)

Certified Branson Entrepreneurial Development Program Graduate 

Certified Foreign Language Instructor - TEFL Academy


The key areas of speciality include self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-esteem. This develops a formidable mind set to learn how to make superior decisions. Being awake and present in the moment is practised, and is aimed at supporting innovative, higher order thinking and action. She works predominantly with those between the ages 25-35, leading corporate careers; therefore supporting personal life aspects for intentional decisions and actions.

Within her sessions, she encourages and inspires participants to strengthen their authenticity by addressing past trauma’s for reference, wisdom and progression. Thato’s coaching has been described as ”eye-opening, insightful, daring and liberating”.

The coaching intention is to create a space for people to be conscious, aware of their power, expansiveness and responsibility in life.

Thato has worked with BTS since 2019.

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