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A course on Authenticity for Young managers, graduates & entrepreneurs





This is the signature effort that every organisation can take in contributing to a better Africa: Investing in the skills and development of our youth; through education, experiences and opportunities. According to the UN, nearly 70% of the population is under 35, which means that they youth development investment occuring today can be expected as the fruits of the future. 

As a youth-led company, our industry experience, expertise and education in entrepreneurship, coaching, social impact, advertising, empowers us to influence and educate fellow youth. When you combine that with our expertise in youth work, coaching & mentoring for commercial businesses and non-profit organisations, it gives us  valuable insights and advantage when looking at campaigns that will speak to the youth.


It is a principle and commitment of ours educate youth on leadership, positive decision making, and active citizenship. 


  • Graduates who have completed at least 18 months of work experience 

  • Working professionals working towards leadership and managerial positions 

  • Working professionals who want to lead more effectively from their current positions 


A Course on Authenticity 

You are born to be you. Being anything either than yourself is denial of the basic human right and responsibility and is injustice to yourself, and to the world. To be anything either than yourself is to operate at the smallest capacity of you. To operate authentically is the only place where you can truly be great.


It is so easy to lie to yourself about who you are. It's a developing story, and it takes years to get to the point where you can no longer distinguish between what you truly want and what you think you want, which is based on people's expectations, opinions and also a longing for acceptance.


It is common to assume or conclude that hard work will lead to success and eventually make you a happier person. There is an enrichment that comes with achievement no matter where it is placed, however when your actions are not aligned with your being,  your qualities are wasted and this can lead to thoughts like: "Something is not adding up"; "I am okay, but I could be happier"; "I feel like I am not going anywhere". In worse cases, people can often opt to commit suicide, simple because it is too painful to live inauthentically.


The biggest clues to what we really want can be found in our childhood dreams. And it seems that for many of us, the older we grow, the more we moved away from what we really wanted. This course is about finding your way back to you.


connecting with your body
Why it is important for leadership

The body validates our existence here on earth, and is the vehicle and instrument of our performance.

Being aware of our body’s reactions helps you experience how you are being in the moment so you can answer better the key answer of personal leadership and others: "What is needed now?"   It allows you to better respond to stress triggers, to proactively create shifts in your physique, and to handle situations more with more skill & wisdom, all from the intelligence of your body. 

Connecting with the body is also about establishing your own unique ways to connect, meeting yourself where you're at. This part also expands to how trauma, mental habits affect our health as a whole, which means that we can treat our bodies better, therefore have optimal instruments of performance. 


Why it is important for leadership

Today's solutions were once unknown, and Africa needs many more solutions.

In the circle of life's knowledge, there's is information we know, what we don't know, what we would like to known, what we need to know, what we don't know and we don't know that we don't know it! "Knowledge is power" in all respects. This part is about being willing to dive into the unknown, penetrating into the different levels of who you are so that you can better understand your strengths, where you need to reframe your mind, and spotting dysfunctional habits that prevent progress. 

In staying curious, our aim is to tap into sphere's of knowledge that inventors, scientists, famous artists, performers, professionals and historic figures were able to tap into, therefor making an unforgettable mark on this planet and in the hearts and lives of many. 

When we are curious about ourselves, we can build stronger and better connections with others, without judgement.


Why it is important for leadership

Adapt to what is needed now.

Letting go is critical in leadership context of Africa, particularly because of the unjust history the continent has endured. Letting go means understanding that to overcome and need to be right cannot co-exist, with progress. With change as the only constant, healthy resilience to mistakes of ourselves and others needs to take precedence in order to progress as humans, especially as Africans. In the diverse continent we live in, we need to embrace that multiple aspects can be correct at the same time. Letting go of the big starts with letting go of self-limiting beliefs we hold, including labels, the way things were, etc. 


Why it is important for leadership

Affirming Africa. 

Self-esteem, self-love, self-confidence are innate. These often need not be validated in our infancy and a large proportion of our youth. It is in the growing and accumulative events that happen to us where they lower in quality. Healthy concepts of self include acknowledging your greatness, when you have been courageous, and recognising your value,  independent of performance. Self-confidence includes embracing vulnerability in leadership and simply demonstrating the different layers of the human experience, which can include the expression of having difficulty, not knowing or having all the answers, and even recognising flaws. Affirming Africa of it's greatness and accounting for the work that needs to be done is an evergreen need.  


BE before DO
Why it is important for leadership

The way to do is to be.

-Lao Tzu

A consistent, pressing need for leadership is to understand what drives our decisions, and then making those decisions based on what is needed now. Due to change, this is most valuable, because effective decisions can be made in and for the present time. For Africa to be agile, taking inspired steps leads to positive change and innovation. Who and how do we need to be in order to do best for ourselves and the nation? This can truly be answered when we let go, embrace the unknown, connect with out bodies and remain optimistic about life even in adverse situations. 


Why it is important for leadership

Never underestimate that a small group of committed citizens can change the world. It is the only thing that ever has. 

-Margret Meed

The development of your self-esteem, confidence and leading self are intended to be the muscles that continue to grow as you face difficult decisions and conversations, making decisions congruent with who you are, and what is best for the situation. 

You need to be able to voice your views even if others disagree.

This means step outside of your comfort zone, and take the heat in unpopular decisions. As a leader, this makes you more effective because you choose to move through your challenging conversations and situations. 
This is part of demonstrating the human side of leadership, which enables others to see the human side of role models. 


Why it is important for leadership

It always seems impossible until it's done

-Nelson Mandela 

For the dream and the vision to be inspiring for others, it needs to be clear & focused for the leader. When it's clear, the willingness to overcome barriers is consistent. Actions and behaviours that are required are prioritised. The dream and the dreamer eventually merge and become one, which is what attracts others and makes one an authentic leader. ​When the dream is clear, staying optimistic is easier, and it opens up the mind for solution orientated, African centric, creative thinking. To dream for others and on behalf of others, we first need to dream for ourselves. 

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