The Beautiful Practise offers coaching, courses and content on restoring your best self & living your best life, consciously, by working on your self-esteem.

The primary purpose of The Beautiful Practise is to deliver education that contributes to restoring the self-esteem of every individual on this planet. With self-esteem being the core issue of of the practise, we actively & consciously learn about ourselves, in the same way we would study other subjects of interest and passion, we intensely look at ourselves and in a dedicated manner, and do it passionately and relentlessly. It essential to consciously know who we are and our value so that we can live up-to who we were created to be multiplying purpose and success in ourselves and others with our talents. In so doing, we find out how best to contribute to the world in our own, unique way. Within expressing ourselves fully, we automatically light the way for others to find their own unique path in life & live with integrity, congruent to who we are - this is the foundation of the true definition of success at The Beautiful Practise. 

Every progress and success ever defined and created in this world centered around self-esteem. There are great people in the world today, who are great examples of what life can truly be like when we know who we are, believe in that and the beauty of our dreams. Similarly, the ills & diseases of the world such as poor leadership, crime, ill-health are symptoms of souls that were, nurtured, didn't use their talents in constructive ways, therefore a product of people with emotional injuries that didn't heal and in turn multiply injuries in other people's lives in families, organisations and the public. The difference between these groups of people is what they chose to nurture. Love is powerful, unfortunately, so is hate. Choose wisely.

The Promise of The Practise

This is the Promise of The Beautiful Practise & the results you can expect from our courses, and the continued journey of working on yourself, based on our values, our tools & approved resources.

On the condition that we remain relentless in our unique life curriculum and resolute in our personal convictions, if we remain honest and open to the process and do the work, your life will change, and you will see that life is on your side. You will learn to find the joy in life & develop alignment to create and live a life that is suitable for the best you. The mass discontentment that comes from living an inauthentic life will disappear. 

You will recognise how your story, talents and entire life can influence others for the better & serve the world.  

You will be able to look people in the eye & engage meaningfully because you have accepted yourself and invest in loving yourself each day. Because you learn to love yourself, you learn how to love others, and in so doing learn that your purpose in life is to love. You will open up your creative power, where the fear of economic insecurity will no longer rule your life, and you will grow your own economy. You will learn that life supports you, and that as an expression of universal power, you too, have the power.

The Fruits you can reap from sewing into yourself through and with The Beautiful Practise:

Restoration of your authenticity.

Increased wisdom & ability to solve life's problems.


Freedom to express yourself & feeling of redemption & justice

Inspiration to live creatively & live in a more abundant mind set 

Joy in life as a whole

Love & Acceptance for yourself and others


Strengthened diligence & self-control in your talents

Extend Kindness to self & others, and being of service more willingly 

Restoration of peace & a sound mind

Engage and co-create meaningfully with others