Thato Choma

Thato on coaching, brand strategy, business & life

Thank you for visiting the website, and expressing an interest in what I do, & why The Beautiful Practise exists. Here is a brief Q & A I've done which will help you to get to know me better.

So, what do you do?

I currently run this coaching business, I do humanitarian work in the area od education & leadership for boys and girls, and I take on the role of a brand strategist for various organisations. 

Tell us a little bit more about your career path...

I started my first formal job in 2011 as an intern, working for an advertising agency, which offered me an incredible mentor in my manager at the time and a once in a life time opportunity to handle international projects that someone with elementary experience could only dream of at the time. I demonstrated a natural flair & capability quite early on, and became a manager within 9 months, of a brand strategy that was being executed across 7 countries & 2 continents. Although at the time I didn't fully appreciate the gravity and importance of my role as the executer and developer of the strategy, I now do see the impact. I've experienced enough to compare & reflect throughout my journey. Very often, whilst in the middle of the action, it's difficult to stop and see the situation for what it truly means, not just at face value. Now, I am constantly working at being awake to the gifts of life that unfold, literally second by second. We just have to be awake and ready to receive answers to our endless questions, and most of the time, the answers that are built to invalidate self-doubt.The universe is always speaking and directing us. Things are always working out for our good. 

How did you transition from this into business?

After my retrenchment in 2014, I was faced with two choices: Look for a new job OR create your own job, and create others in the process. The latter prevailed, and remains. I started as a consultant then gradually built my business. 

What have been your highlights as a business woman?

The physical evidence of what I co-create with others reminds me that anything is possible, and when it's done it strengthens my craft and the integrity of who I am- that feels good. Being a leader brings out the best in me. Ownership is incredibly important for me when it comes to my life, in all aspects. With this, I can count the deals I've closed that I never imagined I would handle, I've been in rooms I doubt employment would ever bring me to (especially at the fast rate that it has), I've had investments into my business that were a catalyst in fulfilling an extremely important purpose: Creating Jobs. A job is a platform to help people be aligned with self, & deepen self-knowledge in order to take necessary action to be productive, creative and remarkable contributors to life, all the while being fulfilled. Because life evolves & time brings change, when I am older one day, I will honestly be able to say this era was a fabulous time, not discounting the significance of my other experiences. Working in these fields bring me close to who I am & the power I have. Lastly to mention here, an important highlight is on the friends it brought me, people who have my back, people who volunteered to skip salaries to keep the business afloat, people who let me into their homes, families, their businesses & brands (actually their babies); it is incredible. Access goes beyond funds and markets... I have access to relationships that honour me, and which I honour.

Alongside advertising & branding, you've been a certified coach & coaching since 2016 why did you feel the need to build this part of the business?​

In hind-sight, I see that the seed was planted in my heart at my first job. I worked with over 50 artists, performers & Djs, locally & internationally who were either up & coming at the time or complete celebrities, of which some are currently in their prime time in career development in performing arts & influence, and others who took a different direction. In working with them, I realised that more than management, what was needed was a reinforcement of who they are, to strengthen the integrity of their craft & remain authentic in the demands of fame, and the constant conflict & inner dialogue between authenticity & fitting in. The constant question an artist asks: "How can I be relevant withouth dishonouring myself?" or, "How can I do better, and show up better?" The real question is "Who am I and based on that, what do I want?" And then learning how to express that, and ask for it. All the while being okay with feedback on personal & professional choices that are always susceptible to public opinion. Authenticity, staying true to self is what builds strong personal brands, careers & leaves a legacy. Knowledge of self is what makes an artist memorable, impactful & influential. There is no impact without authenticity. This does not just apply to the stars of entertainment, creative & performing arts, it goes for every single profession, because we are all the creators of our life, and we are created to be the stars of our own life. Being the best, incomparable, and inspiring the next person to do the next best thing for themselves requires this kind of discipline. In every profession we are artists and therefore we are creating & making our mark. 

What does it take to be the best, incomparable & influential?

In short, refrain from comparing yourself to anyone, know who you are and stick to it. And practise it with every breath, every thought. It's a life-long practise of aligned thinking, doing & being, because, practise makes beautiful.