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Restoring your self-Esteem, self-Awareness, self-confidence.

The Beautiful Practise is committed to assisting people ignite the purposeful living we are all intended for through as many forms of teaching and messaging as possbile. Self- Esteem focuses on developing healthy concept of self. Self-Awareness focuses on growing awareness of how our unconsciousness affects our lives, and how we can consciously shift to live our best lives. Self-confidence is about the respect and belief that you have in yourself.

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Our Story

This practise is about lifelong journey of healing which consists of the relatable themes of authenticity, dreams & aspirations, losing & keeping important relationships, the relationship that we have with our bodies, service to humanity & learning to love & choose ourselves every single day. 

I started dieting at age 8, and this is my earliest memory of when I started to lose myself and gain the unwanted weight of "not good enough" in epic proportions over the coming 18 years, into my early adulthood. For every diet I went on & for every kilogram I lost,  I lost a piece of me, a piece of my health,  my sanity and the concept of my own unique beauty. For every kilogram I gained, came tons of confusion, toxicity, ill-health, unexpressed emotions & experiences. To exist in my body was confusing. 

Through a transformational course I went on, I realised that after all the trauma my body endured, I forgot that I had a body. I was disconnected from my vehicle of expressing my purpose and the validation of my existence on this earth. Essentially, I was offline from purpose. 


I continued my transformational journey with more teachers and grew awareness that there was nothing wrong with me to begin with.  What happened was, I endured some emotional injuries and traumas that formed the basis of my actions, and mostly I sub-consciously lost trust for myself and life itself. I had to reframe my mind, accept it all, and consciously make better choices. This was only possible after I revisited my trauma's and other aspects of childhood that explained my choices in career, family, men, friendships, healthcare & more. 

From our deepest pain emerges our teacher, the purpose & the service to humanity.


Stay beautiful, one step at a time.